• Are you encumbered by files upon files of documents?
  • Is the process of looking for a particular document tedious and time-consuming?
  • Is your office choked with filing problems?
Through a process called "imaging", documents are captured as images and stored electronically. This helps to maximise your effectiveness in retrieving and filing.

In the process, your documents (be it letters, word documents or drawings of various sizes) will be scanned and stored electronically into CD-ROMs. For easy access to these files, an electronic Table of Contents will be created for you. All you need to do to access your documents is to click on the document name that you wish to see within the Table of Contents.

What are the advantages of digitising your documents?
  • You save space. Imagine the space needed for three cabinets full of files all compressed into the space of one CD-ROM.
  • You save time. There is no need to hunt through boxes, open up dusty files or go through cabinets. By using a computer, you can retrieve your documents faster.
  • You safeguard yourself. No more worries about misplaced files from accidental mishaps or shredding of important documents. We have solution for your Disaster Recovery Plan.
At ImageSSS, we provide the following digitising services:
  • Paper documents to CD ROM
  • Engineering Drawings or AutoCAD files to CD ROM
  • Colour Copies (from A4 size to AO size) of documents to CD ROM
  • ASCII text files to CD ROM
Or do you happen to have a unique need that demands some creative or innovative solution? We will be able to provide an answer that helps. Just contact us.

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